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Jreisat 1

Mary Jreisat

Professor Pastrana

English 1-20

September 28, 2009

Care, love, nurturing, and nothing more

As we grow and learn, the only people we truly trust are our family. Our family is supposed to teach, love, and nurture us; they should provide us with safety and care. When a father carries all these attributes, why should anyone second-guess his authority in his children's lives? Richard Wexler's article "Panic in Foster Care", says, "Gerardo R. was a loving father who always cared for his children, but when his divorced wife lost custody of the children, Gerardo R. did not win custody either because of insufficient housing conditions."(A27) I do not agree with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family services decision in Gerardo R's case that income should determine whether the parent is fit to raise his children.

Society has been evolving and changing for centuries, but who would have thought children would be taken from their own parents for no ethical reason? Gerardo R.

was denied not only custody but also the right to see his children. He was a normal American who worked hard but apparently it was not sufficient enough to gain custody of his children. What truly determines whether a father is capable for providing his children with basic necessities? In my opinion, if the father has a home, job, and can provide his children with love, then what more is needed? Gerardo should have received legal custody of his children or at least the opportunity to communicate with them. He did not abuse or neglect his children, so why did they deny his right to see or talk to his children? Although this article does not go into full detail, the obvious points

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