Foundation Schools - Strategic Program Management Worksheet

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Kimberly Huddle

Strategic Program Management Worksheet

MMPBL/510 - Implementing Organizational Initatives

Jerry Kilpatrick

May 20, 2010

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Kimberly Huddle

Strategic Program Management Worksheet

A: Concept

B: Application of Concept in Scenario

C: Citation of Concept in Reading

Organizational Politics: "actions by individuals or groups of individuals to acquire, develop, and use power and other resources in order to obtain preferred outcomes when there is uncertainty or disagreement over choices

In the latest board meeting for The Foundation Schools, many board members suggested a rate increase to support an increase of a 4:1 ratio. However the Chairperson of the Board of Directors was taken aback a bit by this suggested rate increase. It was his understanding that the increase would lower slightly for the next two years to help attract future students to the school.

Selecting and Initiating Projects Simulation:

Strategic Management Process:

"The process of assessing what we are and deciding and implementing what...