The Four Functions of Management

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The Four Functions of Management

Carl R. Foster

MGT 330

December 1, 2008

Linda Lewis

University of Phoenix

The Four Functions of Management

The four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) will be defined with inclusions and explanations of how each function relates to the organization of my employment.

Unity/ TBS Courier Service is the company I currently work for. In March 0f 2008 a completely new management team was put in place with the demise of Trans-Box Systems (TBS). Since then most everything has been in a state of flux. The only constant and stable management has been the local management.

Planning is the ongoing process of developing the business mission and objectives and determining how they will be accomplished. "Planning is the core area of all the functions of management" (Foundation for All Management Concepts, Sept. 12, 2007). Planning is an action or means by which management intends to use in achieving goals and objectives.

Included in the planning process should be an outline of alternatives actions that can lead to the attainment of each goal, the resources required, and the potential obstacles if any. Historically, the planning function in the business environment described a top-down management approach in which top executives established business

plans and told others to implement them. However, in the current business environment, such may not be the case. Strategic value seems to have taken on a more prominent role. Planning is a constant and unending course of action. Sometimes they are uncontrollable

because of external factors affecting the company. These external and internal factors may cause a company to alter their course of action in accomplishing their goals.

"Organizing is establishing the internal organizational structure of the organization." (2) "Management must organize all its resources before they...