Functions of the United Nations

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Functions of the United Nations

The United Nations is a international body that was formed in 1945 after World War II. The United Nations was formed to replace the League of Nations. Its primary objectives includes; stopping wars between countries and to providing a platform for dialogue. It contains multiple subsidiary organizations to carry out its missions.

The United Nations contains 192 member states. - (This includes nearly every recognised sovereign state in the world.)

General Assembly

-The General Assembly is a big meeting at which every member state of the UN is represented. The General Assembly decides how the UN will spend its budget and makes decisions on world issues. To make a decision or pass a resolution, two thirds of the member states must vote in favour.

The Secretariat

-There are people working for the UN in many parts of the world and there are UN offices in most countries.

The headquarters of the UN, known as the Secretariat, is in New York. Over 8,700 staff from all around the world work there. They include economists, translators, secretaries, computer experts, security guards, librarians, lawyers, writers and journalists. The current secretary of the United Nations is Mr Ban Ki-Moon.

Economic and Social Council

The UN's founders believed that reducing the amount of Poverty in the world would, help create world peace. The Economic and Social Council was set up to co-ordinate all UN efforts to improve the standards of living of the world's poor. The UN works to try to bring full employment and create conditions of Economic and Social progress and development. As much as 70% of the work of the UN system is devoted to accomplishing this task.

Trusteeship Council

The Trusteeship council has not been in use since 1994. It was created to look after eleven...