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The Four Functions of Management




The Four Functions of Management

Despite the changes required in managing a business in today's economy and with major technological advances, management has four functions that will not change. The four functions are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. These functions are vital to the success of any organization and, as a manager, they are vital to me in my organization as well.

The first function of management is planning. Planning is deciding what goals your company wants to achieve and what actions you can take to accomplish those goals in the future. This first step is vital because it without a plan for your organizations future, there will be no future. In my organization, we have a strategic planning committee, which I am a member of, that works together to lead our company into the future.

All members and employees are committed to our mission statement and the excellence of our products. We not only look at how we can grow our organization, but how we can do it without harming our environment and being a good community partner. We also look ahead to future expansions or even possible catastrophes and how we would manage the business if that happened. Planning for your company's future and identifying resources that will allow you to accomplish your goals is a crucial part of managing any business.

The next function is organizing. Organization is the process of appointing individuals to assignments or responsibilities so that your organization can accomplish the goals that were established in the planning process. This can be done by the managers acquiring the right employees, setting up the training for the employees, finding resources, and organizing the work that...