Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments

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Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments

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Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments


The GeneOne Senior Management could have provided a more efficient and effective direction by working together along with their stakeholders to create a clear, comprehensive, and attainable implementation plan on how to move forward internally. The GeneOne Senior Management has the foundation, experience and drive to use their available resources to move the company forward and helping them not to jump to resolution. Consensus and communication up front on the direction as well as providing the necessary research, industry knowledge and understanding of the environment they are entering would have helped build the confidence of the concerned Board members and employees and eliminated the CEO have doubts.

In order to get their Board members and employees on board they need to build on the foundation of trust creating buy-in and a positive momentum.

Can success be a possibility at this point? Yes, but only by reestablishing the trust lost by skipping communicating up front. Consensus by all stakeholders and leadership on the company's direction will help rebuild the trust in the management team again and then help focus on moving the company forward.

Situation Background:

GeneOne's Leadership team is comprised of the original founders of the company, along with a few additions that were hired by Don Ruiz, the CEO. Started in 1996, GeneOne began as a small company funded with just a few million dollars. Now, the company has revenues in excess of $400 million. Despite the increase in operating income, new developments in the biotechnology field require additional funds.

The Board of directors for GeneOne has strong ties to science, technology, media and political communities- though none is directly familiar with biotechnology. They...