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LT A GeneOne Benchmark

LT A GeneOne Benchmark


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February 26, 2010

LT A GeneOne Benchmark

Introduction: Overall Analysis

GeneOne is a biotech company, the CEO Don Ruiz along with the board and senior leadership has embarked on a plan to take the company public in 36 months. Analysis of GeneOne scenario and the following companies will explain some of the successes and failures that could be avoided by GeneOne in the future.

Boeing is one company that focuses on the customer's needs while providing quality products. GeneOne's board has plans to undermine their research in order to increase profits. Boeing and GE use processes to increase cohesion and educate them. Boeing uses two methods Six Sigma and Malcolm Baldrige, these processes direct leaders to pinpoint problems and quickly assess and fix. GE on the other hand has implemented Innovative and Growth Course, which was the key to development of new technology.

GeneOne could implement these which should allow for a more focused and cohesive team.

Boeing Corporation

As a leader in the aerospace, Boeing is known for innovative approach. Boeing strives to meet the customer needs while maintaining quality and increasing production. The Boeing Corporation consists of; integrating military platforms, defense systems and the war fighter through network-centric operations; additionally, The Boeing Corporation is a leader in innovative technology. This technology is even used across industries.

Chicago is the headquarters for Boeing. Approximately, 157,000 employees in the United States and in 70 countries work for Boeing, comprised of a diverse, talented and innovative workforce (Boeing. 2010).

Boeing is an award winning follower of two methodologies that complement each other, Malcolm Baldrige, and Six Sigma (Malcolm Balridge. 2010) (Six Sigma.2010). Malcolm Baldrige is focused more on results conversely...