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Global Crossing: Management Planning

University of Phoenix

Paola Vargas

May 31, 2010


Global Crossing: Management Planning


In this day in age, companies are relying more and more in communication. Now communication is based in technology and companies like Global Crossing, have found a way to stay ahead of the competition. By offering a world-class, IP network to the customers anywhere in the world, value to companies, and flexibility with the services; Global Crossing has learned the importance of management planning. Management planning, it's important as a part of the structure of any company. Without this important factor managers cannot have the organization necessary to manage any given plan. Because of Global Crossing success and failures, an evaluation of their planning function of management will be addressed; the influence of legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility management planning has will be analyzed.

And finally, at least three factors, which influence strategic, tactical, operational, or contingency planning will be consider.

Planning Function of Management

Planning is looking forward, this means what happens today will affect tomorrow. Therefore managers and management need to have flexibility to adapt to any situation. In the case of Global Crossing, as the company explain in their own words, "one global team. One focused goal: your success" (Global Crossing, 2010). This company's mission is to offer more value and lead their customers to success by Global working together as one. By doing offering this to potential customers, the customers will know what sets this company apart from others. The goal for Global Crossing "is to earn your loyalty every day through the delivery of great value that you define" (Global Crossing, 2010) making them able to connect and lure the...