Hinduism Paper

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Hinduism Paper

Sara Serafini

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Although Hinduism does not have a uniting belief system, many things make up the Hindu religion. There are many societal and cultural influences that made this religion vital. Like most religions, Hindu people desire liberation from earthly existence. Everyone wants to survive their death and enter a more positive, ongoing life.

Hinduism is a term derived from the nineteenth century when colonized British foreigners named the people living I the region of the Indus River (Cimpean, 2010). Hinduism is not an original religion, but a set of traditions and beliefs that evolved over a long period of time (YGoY, 2005). There are different sectors of Hinduism, but they all fall under Vedas, the ancient scriptures. Rishis', ancient Indian scholars, search for a way to be free from the cycle of reincarnation, which is seen in Upanishads.

Brahman, the universal soul, is the fundamental concept of belief in the ultimate reality (YGoY, 2005). Every living organism goes through a cycle of death and re-birth, which is called reincarnation. The status of being in each birth is determined by the principle of karma (YGoY, 2005). The only way to broke this is said to be attained Moksha, or liberation, and self- realization. Hinduism's main God is Brahman, which is formless and infinite. For the sale of worshiping the infinite reality with the limited human minds, Gods has been personified and associated with different attributes (YGoY, 2005).The deities that are most worshiped are Shakthi, also known as Devi, Shiua, and Vishnu. Hindu people seek awareness from God, Brahman, and look for the blessings from different Gods. According to YGoY, 2005, "Hindu is based off of idol worshiping of their Gods and Goddesses at the temple or at...