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C-Side Resort

Team C

Team Project in Compensation

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 1

Company background and theme 2

Total Compensation Needs 3

HR mission statement, employee retention and employee hiring 3

Job Descriptions 4

Organizational Chart 14

Point Method System 14

Job Ranks within Organization 16

Market Data 17

Pay Structure and Ranges 21

Performance Evaluation 22

Exhibit 1: Performance Evaluation 24

Exhibit 2: Merit Pay Grid 25

Executive Summary

Company Background and Theme

Name: C Side Resort

Company Goal: The goal of C Side Resort is to achieve accolades from all who know us by ensuring top level quality, service, action, and appreciation. As a company profits are expected, however we should strive for the ultimate customer service experience as the profits will take care of itself.

Values: At C Side Resort we believe that the customer is our top priority and will strive to ensure a quality stay at our resort.

Culture: Employees and management of C Side Resort will be expected to be able to carry out duties pertaining to their positions. Additionally, employees would have to uphold values and actions that endorse a culture that believes in energy, integrity, productivity, teamwork, leadership, and accountability.

Location: C Side Resort is located on Florida's West coast in the town of Longboat Key.

Staffing plan: (81 employees), within the plan what type of positions will we need as an organization

-Managers needed: Spa-3


Golf Course-3


-Hourly workers needed: Spa-11


Golf Course-15


-Spa will have hair stylists, massage therapists, nail techs

-Restaurant will have cooks, wait staff, dish washers, and hosts

-Golf Course will have maintenance employees, caddies, and golf pro

-Hotel will have bell hops, reception staff, and cleaning staff

Total Compensation needs

Just to put more input into the total compensation portion we...