Human Psychology

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Human Psychology


Human Psychology


Psychology is the branch that deals with the set of rules defined by the emotions all come under psychology. The study of the way people think and behave is called psychology (James; 2007). The number of sub-disciplines devoted to the study of the different levels and contexts of human thought and behavior relates to the field of psychology.


Fluid intelligence

Fluid intelligence is an ability to explore the transformations occurring globally or within ones self. It helps to make people aware of their surroundings and the happenings. Fluid intelligence is related to a minimized extent with "book" intelligence or IQ. It helps one to see beyond the practices and believes and does not comprehend the facts and figures as they were before. Fluid intelligence can be made available by letting go the prior to the current ones due to some mistake or being simple enough.

Individuals possessing higher level of fluid intelligence are termed as kooks or wacky by the individuals possessing static intelligence. At the same time those who possess higher fluid intelligence hang on and make a name for them. Among those individuals are the prime examples of Pasteur, Albert Einstein and Galileo. They banished or threw the old concepts out and replaced it with their modern discoveries and theories (James; 2007).

Critical Period

A period during childhood or early life is known as a Critical Period. During this period humans or animals develop certain characteristics without any delay and in quick succession due to the environment. Example children are capable of learning anything with a rapid pace, while still in the stage of childhood but as they grow older, their difficulty level and resistance also rises. Hence for the reason what child learns in school remains...