Immigration Laws of the United State

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United State's Immigration Laws are not strict enough Vinod Kumar College or University name Professor or instructor name Course name Abstract This article supports a theory that explains the immigration laws of the US. Immigration, especially illegal immigration, has become a major problem in the United States today. Increasing number of immigrants crossing the U.S. borders illegally every year has become the most important topic of 2008 election. Illegal alien problem in the United State is because of the soft immigration laws. This problem is not a simple problem. Traditional immigration laws should be stricter to solve this problem. In this article we will discuss the weak points of the immigration laws of the United State. Problems raised by these laws in the United State such as terrorism, division of the country are also discussed in this essay. We will also see the reasons behind the immigration, why these laws should be enforced and how we can improve these laws.

"Path to Citizenship for Some Illegal Immigrants" proposal is also discussed in this essay. Immigration laws of the United State are mainly focused on the entry, duration of stay, and removal of non-citizens. About 1,000,000 persons officially immigrate to the U.S. per annum. A person can get a permanent legal status in The United State by the following process. Process to gain a permanent legal status generally happens in two steps. According to the first step of this process- To get the legal status a human being be required to fit into one of the given immigration category. He can get a permanent legal status if he enters in the U.S.- 1. through a close relative who is a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. 2. through an company or special skill. 3. through a special category for protected classes...