The Impact of Computer Gaming in Revolutionizing the Learning Experience

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The Impact of Computer Gaming in Revolutionizing the Learning Experience

Submitted by:

Mar Jerome Medrano

April Dianne Guevarra

Submitted to:

Mrs. Melina Onsana - Porcioncula

To our fellow computer gamers, who inspired us to come up with this topic.

First and foremost, we are heartily thankful to our instructor, Mrs. Melina Onsana - Porcioncula, for her encouragement and effort and without her this study, too, would not have been completed or written.

LPU students have been very cooperative with us, since they are the respondents for our survey, and thus, have provided us with crucial information that we included in this study. Thank you.

In our daily work we have been blessed with a friendly and cheerful group of fellow students, who have inspired us to bring this topic up, since almost all of us are avid patrons of computer games.

We thank our parents for being supportive and patient, as we spent a lot of time in front of our computer while conducting this study, using up a lot of electricity while doing so.

Finally, it is to God that we awe everything. Thank you for always blessing us and letting us finish this research in time.


Chapter 1

Statement of the Problem 1


Scope and Delimitation 2

Background of the Study 3

Definition of Terms 4

Chapter 2

Methodology 7

Chapter 3

Review of Related Literature 8

Chapter 4

Data Presentation and Analysis 10

Chapter 5

Conclusions and Recommendations 12

Bibliography 14

Appendix 15

Statement of the Problem

Perhaps we can consider computer gaming as one of the most widely adapted technologically mediated leisure activity nowadays. Its popularity made it impossible to disappear in the future market scene. However, that same factor made it a favorite discussion for critics. Aside from being just a mere pastime,