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Incentive Plans Paper

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Incentive Plans Paper

The Cartwright-Porter regional airport has entering its 7th year of existence. From the beginning the 7th year has brought positive issues, such as increased passenger traffic. The 7th year has also brought some not so positive people-related issues, and Cartwright-Porter's upper management has tasked its Human Resource (HR) department to come up with a solution. This paper will summarize people-related issues of the baggage handlers, distasteful advertizing, and unfair performance appraisal issues. It continues by stating the recommendation and evaluation of Cartwright-Porter's HR decisions along with answers to the following questions. What is the impact of specific activities targeted at a small group in the organization on the rest of the organization's employees? How can an organization convey that it is stringent about its policy on sexual harassment? Can a performance appraisal system in one organization be replicated in another?

Baggage Handlers

Passenger traffic at Cartwright-Porter Airport has increased significantly in the past few months.

This increase of business has also resulted in an increase of passenger baggage. Forty of Cartwright-Porter's baggage handlers are complaining that the management is expecting the handlers to expend extra effort in handling the increased baggage volume without any compensation which has resulted in discontent baggage handlers. Senior management has asked HR to review the complaint and evaluate the current compensation structure, and make needed adjustments. Possible adjustments are new benefits, and revision to the current compensation package or a combination of both.

The existing compensation package consists of two parts which are cash incentives and non-cash benefits. The cash incentives are made-up of spot cash, individual performance, and guaranteed overtime bonus. Non-cash incentives are certificate of achievements, customized fitness training program, saving and investment plans, and health insurance plan. The...