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Organizational Psychology

Monique Cone


July 26, 2010

Antonio Borrello


Organizational Psychology

Organizational psychology has become a prominent necessity within companies all over the world, regardless of size. With the growing number of competitors providing similar services and stressful expectations of continued success, this position proves time and again to be one of crucial significance. Organizational Psychologists offer a corporation unbiased, fresh ideas in the area of improvement and advancement using various methods of analysis and research. This essay will define the use of organizational psychology; the role of research and statistics in this form of psychology; and the many uses of organizational psychology within the workplace.

Definition of Organizational Psychology is "a field that utilizes scientific methodology to better understands the behavior of individuals working in organizational settings" (Jex & Britt, 2008, p.1). Organizational psychology spotlights specific conduct and behaviors employees' exhibit on the job; particularly ones in need of intervention or improvement, and offers plans of action with the goal of encouraging positive workplace morale. This type of psychology concentrates on the human portion of the working environment and through research, surveying, or interviewing, can produce fair-minded plans of implementation to improve workplace conditions and thus assists in capitalizing on employee efficiency.

Research and Statistics in Organizational Psychology In view of the fact that organizational psychologists are under the umbrella of expectation to make unbiased, evenhanded suggestions for improvement, it remains vitally important to base proposals on extensive organizational research and statistical exploration. Specified research organizational psychologists expand on particular workplace behaviors through methods of investigation in an effort to bring all proposals for intervention to the organizational psychologist for design and execution. These research specialists aid in guiding "interventions designed to help organizations become more...