The Influence Music Can Have on Teenagers Connected To The Environment

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I would like to dedicate this project to my teacher, ________, who helped me think scientifically and help me give some structure to my project; I would also like to thank my parents who helped me finalize on the information, and also my friends, who helped with the creative part.�


I would like to acknowledge Google Inc. as well as Yahoo! Inc. for the help they provided me. I would also like to thank other, smaller websites, which also provided me with the required information. Other people I would like to thank are my parents and friends who motivated as well as helped me finish my project.�


I used the vast resources of the internet to obtain information about my topic. To get public views on my topic, I used Yahoo! Answers, a website that is based on a user asking a particular question and another user answering it.

This allowed me access to a larger pool of people than I would normally have access to. I compiled and edited the gathered information using my computer, and gave it it's final shape through the same.



The aim of this project was to compile and spread useful knowledge about the possible psychological effects music can have on teenagers, and affect his behaviour and attitude towards others, as well as methods that can be followed to limit, or completely avoid, such damage.



Does Music Affect Teens? Can the Music Youth Listen to Affect Their Behaviour? Music is often blamed for influencing particular behaviours, but does it really do so? Why is music sometimes associated with negative behaviour and actions? With music being such a staple in youth culture, it seems that each teenager has a "soundtrack to their life." But, are they just innocently listening...