The Innocence Project

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The Innocence Project

Jody Richards

University of Phoenix


The Innocence Project

DNA has proved to be a vital method in investigation for law enforcement officials. It has helped to put many people in prison and out of prison. In 1992 the Innocence Project was formed, the purpose of the Innocence Project is to investigate past cases and by using DNA technology, proving suspects innocent. Since the formation of the Innocence Project 245 people have been exonerated. These people served an average of 13 years in prison. The Innocence Project is formed of sever full time attorneys and volunteer medical students.

Luis Diaz

Luis Diaz was found guilty of six rape charges, served a sentence of a little over 25 years in prison, for a crime he did not commit. Diaz was accused of being the "Bird Road Rapist." The Bird Road Rapist would trail a car at night and flash his headlights at the victim pretending to warn her about something wrong with the car.

When the victim steps out of the car the suspect would then pull out a gun, take the victim to his car and force the victim to give him oral sex while driving. Many times the suspect would drag the victim outside and forcibly rape her. A total of 25 women have been victimized by the same suspect. The suspect was described as a Latin male, 6'-6'2" tall, about 200 pounds and spoke English with an accent. Four days after one victim was raped, Diaz was spotted in a gas station where the victim worked. As soon as the victim noticed Diaz, she called the police. Diaz is a 5'3" tall Latin male, weighed about 130 pounds and spoke no English at all. Despite the differences in...