Innovation, Creativity and Design Definitions Paper.

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Jacqueline Shields

Innovation Creativity and Design


University of Phoenix

Facilitator: Shaun McDoguall

November 30, 2009

When the words creativity and innovation come up in a conversation you may hear very differences of opinion as to what they mean. Add design to that mix and the definition broadens even more (Herrmann).

Innovation alone means to introduce something new or make changes to something. Through researching these terms consistently it appears some use the words are interchangeably. Using innovation in a setting where the company wants to improve upon what is already in place is a good way of showing new ideas. When we look at create and the definition, it means to make something come into play or being as in something very unique.

Design on the other hand takes on a meaning all of its own. "A vital step in transforming ideas into creative, practical and commercial realities".

"Design optimizes the value of products and systems and is therefore an important key to economic, social and cultural development. Other definitions of design include to plan or fashion artistically or skillfully, usually in working detail; to form or conceive in the mind; a scheme of attack; to intend for a definite purpose; an adaptation of means to ends; an outline, sketch or plan. Design may also involve production and evaluating products in a real context" (Essential Learning).

It is important to any business to make certain they distinguish between creativity and innovation due to the processes for each being different. Some businesses find that innovation is a safe way of progressing, where as creativity is soft and innocent. Innovation is can be faster because businesses use it to build on what is already in place in a product or service. Creativity...