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Career Development Plan Part One- InterClean-Envirotech

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HRM 531


Taking on a new strategic direction in providing the best solutions and services for customers in cleaning efforts, InterClean has merged with one of the major domestic competitors in the corporate market, which is Envirotech. The acquired new company is a huge step for Interclean, which will achieve domestic market dominance in the sanitation industry. InterClean-Envirotech's future success will depend on the ability to provide efficient astringent requirements as well as environmental safety, and cleaning solutions to the organizations' customers. In the next couple paragraphs, I will explain my job analysis information and describe the workforce planning system. I will include the advantages and disadvantages of my selection method, and identify five to seven employees I will choose to represent my team.

Furthermore, I will make sure to include the team employees' knowledge, skills, abilities, and the role they will play in my team.

Job Analysis

To support InterClean - Envirotech's high quality products and services, our current and future employees must take into consideration the duties required in the organization. Management and sales representative duties would include: understanding and abiding by the standards of OSHA regulations and procedures, maintaining the knowledge of emerging sanitation issues like legal, environmental, safety, ethical and regulatory issues, developing customized packages of cleaning solutions and systems including products and processes that will meet our customer's needs, knowledge of the company's products, being familiar in the language of the customers' industry, relating to cleaning and sanitation, providing developmental goals to enhance the operations and procedures, organizing and updating the sales and marketing reports, sales goals, client relationships, and keeping up-to-date with the top...