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Career Management Plan

University of Phoenix

HRM 531

to: Team Employees


subject: Career management plan

date: March 13, 2010

cc: Jim martin, tom gonzalez, eric borden, terry garcia, susan burnt, ving hsu

A career development plan is required to encourage employee development and growth through their careers. A career management plan for the InterClean sales staff intends to improve both team and individual performance. The areas developed and acknowledged in the plan would include: employee feedback, how to assist employees in reaching a higher level, opportunities for advancement, flexible opportunities for dual career parents, adaptation to my team's diversity and how this would be handled, justification of my report and identify expected benefits and types of costs.


Feedback provides insights and reviews of the employees' performance related to job expectation. According to Thomas, "giving positive, constructive feedback is one of the best ways to grow a company" (2010).

Feedback allows an employee to see their achievements, strengths and weaknesses and figure out ways to strengthen his/her skills for the next evaluation.

Employees will be evaluated by the manager using an individual appraisal form that features a graphic rating scale whether the employees' performance is outstanding, exceeds expectations, meets expectations, needs improvement or is not effective. Once the feedback have been provided to employees, additional opportunities can be discussed through different training methods such as processes and procedures, computer-based training, job shadowing, and other specialized courses related to their position.

Employees Reaching Higher Levels

At the end of every month, the top sales employee will be awarded and given an "Employee of the Month" certificate along with a reward for their achievement. The employee who receives the most awards throughout the year will obtain a monetary...