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Running Head: Management Behavior Memo

Management Behavior Memo

Milton Ramos

University of Phoenix

HRM 531 Human Capital Management

Group: PA10MBA02

Instructor: Kristine Pak

April 8, 2010

Workshop 1 Assignment 1


TO: Managers

FROM: Milton Ramos

DATE: April 8, 2010

SUBJECT: Importance of behavior exhibited by all managers

CC: David Spencer, Janet Durham, Tom Jennings

InterClean is in the final stages of solidifying the merger contract with Environtechand. This merger is a necessary step toward aligning ourselves to the new strategy and vision of providing a full spectrum of cleaning services and solutions to the excising and potential markets. The strategic decision to merge and expand will provide growth opportunities for both the organization and workforce. Employees will have the opportunity to cross-train, learn new skills and improve core competencies and full understanding of the products and services InterClean will offer. With my experience in previous mergers and acquisitions I am well aware of the difficulty our team will experience during this transition period.

To help make this change a seamless process we, will need to work closely with our teams and offer support to the departments or individuals experiencing and exhibiting difficulty with the change. The purpose of this memo is to outline and explain how our actions and behavior as a management team or as individual managers will impact productivity and profitability. How conducting ourselves in a professional manner by following all employment laws, following best demonstrated practices to integrate with a diverse workforce will result in a successful and profitable merger.

Our behavior will set and create the environment for the organization and affect the employee's performance and productivity. We are all in authority positions and have a direct influence on workers actions and behaviors (Cascio, 2005). Because of that influence we...