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InterClean Scenario paper

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HRM 531

Since the merger between InterClean and EnviroTech has been completed, it is necessary to re-focus on the sales team and begin the process of bringing both teams together. EnviroTech sales employees have similar strengths to InterClean employees in the areas of customer service, customer satisfaction, and a high rate of customer retention. This merger will occur over the next several weeks by bringing both sales force employees together at the Interclean campus. This will provide a stable environment during the transition period. Employee evaluations will continue as the management team work towards combining both groups. The following outline will define the employee selection strategy and eliminate confusion during this transition period. Focus will be placed on a number of key areas.

Job Analysis

Analysis Methods Identified. The first thing that will occur is the definition of what the sales force will be responsible for.

An in-depth job description will be created. This will set forth the areas of responsibilities of the sales organization and help define the chain of authority from the management team down to each sales force team member. As each position is defined through a job description, the purpose of each position will be spelled out with defining territories and responsibilities.

The Human Resources department will have a great responsibility during this transition period to help with each individual employee. There are a number of methods that will be used to help analyze the sales force and their capabilities.

Past job performance will be a key factor in determining key positions within the new sales force team.

 Past sales goals and achievements will be looked at and considered for each employee.

 Observations and feedback from immediate managers will be reviewed and discussed. This will help in the...