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Running head: Conceptualizing a Business

Conceptualizing a Business Paper

Jacqueline Shields

University of Phoenix

Integrated Business Topics


Michael J. Sanderson

October 19, 2009



The mission at Puppy Luv Doggy Daycare is to provide daycare for all types of dogs to the public at an affordable price in a clean, pleasant and conservative business setting. The setting of the business will also make the customers fill very comfortable when they leave their pets with us. The facility will provide services well beyond and above what any of our competitors can offer. Customer service is what Puppy Luv strives for; because of the customers Puppy Luv is a success.

Vision Statement-Puppy Luvs vision is to be the best doggy daycare provider in the state of California by maintaining excellent customer service, and the utmost quality of products in a secure, fresh and pleasant atmosphere.

While at Puppy Luv your dog can receive a full body wash along with hair trimming, teeth whitening and nails manicured for an additional price. We will continue to go beyond the needs of the clients, with the expectation of establishing a successful bond within the community and among the employees. Within the next five years we plan to expand to other states if the demand of the business appears to be rewarding.

Computer technology- In an effort to keep the customers updated of our company's growth and improvements, Puppy Luv has a web page ( When customers visit the site they would be able to purchase goods as well as read reviews from already visited customers. Clients would be able to set appointments for grooming, shots and daycare services.

Target Market-Puppy Luv will accommodate dogs of all sizes, the primary target will be people on the go...