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Islam, the second biggest Christian religion throughout the world, is practiced in every continent; south, southeast, central Asia, north, east and west Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Nigeria, United States, and Middle East. The Islam religion believes in a monotheistic God "Allah" or one God that has no gender or form. Muslims believe that God revealed himself to Mohammad through the Quran. They also believe that Mohammad is God's final prophet. Unlike other religions, Muslims rituals and practices are based on the Five Pillars of Islam or known as the "acts of worship", which is a message from God. This report will talk about the descriptions and explanations of the sacred text used, descriptions of common symbolism in Islamic texts and religious practices, and a brief discussion of the historical foundation of the religion. The report will also provide a description of similarities between Islam and one other religion covered in the course, and a description of differences between Islam and one other religion covered in the course.

Islamic Myths-Brian

The meaning of the term Islam is submission and is derived from the term as lama that is often used in Muslim greeting and is tied to the surrender to Allah (God). If it is understood that the religious believer of Islam has given themselves over to their higher power, then one begins to realize that every action taken is in response to holy guidance of God.

This guiding premise is therefore the motivation for behaviors that are sometimes misunderstood by outsiders and often misinterpreted by the leaders within the belief system. Many of the myths about Islam are a result of radical fundamentalist views and interpretations of the Qur'an and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, professed by modern religious leaders. Within any given sect, these...