James Madison: What made him a great president

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US History I

March 3, 2010

Period 6

With James Madison's sharp mind and great leadership skills he contributed his knowledge to America to help it become the great country it is today. James Madison became an accomplished man from his devoted educational background and wonderful family. Madison was serious about his political views and provided his thoughts and ideas for the good of the government. Prior to his presidency Madison had many key political careers. When Madison won the election he became a great president who had the courage to stay strong and a willingness to change if that meant benefiting America.

James Madison was born on March 15, 1751. He grew up on a plantation in Virginia many brothers and sisters. When Madison was younger he was frail because he would stay up all night working on his studies. When it came time for him to go to college he attended the College of New Jersey, now Princeton, for two years.

He stayed for an extra six months to study law and theology in hope of becoming a lawyer or Minister. Latin and Philosophy were some of the other various courses Madison chose to study. He then married Dolley Payne Todd who had a son from her first marriage.

James Madison was a Federalist when our Constitution was formed. He was one of the three writers of the Federalist Papers. The Federalist Papers were a set of articles that was of great importance to defending the new Constitution and persuading people to support the ratification. Madison's political views started to differ when the course of the national policy changed. He did not agree with Hamilton's financial position, which favored commerce and wealth. This opposition between the two men caused Madison to work with Jefferson, because they...