Jose Mourinho

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Jose Mourinho


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Football, the world's most popular and played sport. A survey in 2001 by FIFA declared that more than 240 million people play the sport of football in over 200 countries across the globe.� What makes the sport such a popular one? Minus the fact that all you need is a ball and two teams; the sport itself is so easy to learn how to play. Many different elements of the game help to make it so popular. The skilled players bring so much talent to the world of football. However, a crucial aspect to the game of football is the coaches. The coaches act as the tacticians of the game to ensure that all the player's skills are used to their full potential. This brings us to a coach for whom defeat is intolerable, who is defined by winning, and who is used to winning.

But it is also the confidence of a man who is his own creation - one who dared to dream what he might become and became all that he wanted to be.� That man, who is Jose Mourinho.

"I am a special one", a quote Jose Mourinho used to describe himself, expresses in essence Jose Mourinho and what he brought to the game of football. His "self confidence" brought much media attention to the world of football through his arrogant personality as well as his unique coaching abilities. After being offered the chance to coach Porto from 2002-2004 he "heralded across Europe as a genius" when he secured the league title, the domestic cup, and a dramatic win in the UEFA Cup.� Mourinho showed that although he was cocky, he had what was required to turn Chelsea,