Kudler Fine Foods - Benefits and Drivers Proposal

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Kudler Fine Foods - Benefits and Drivers Proposal

University of Phoenix


Kudler Fine Foods - Benefits and Drivers Proposal


Kudler Fine Foods is a virtual organization demonstrated in a University of Phoenix simulation. As illustrated by Team B, authors of this paper, Kudler hired Team B as consultants whose mission is to assist them in becoming more creative and innovative. This work proposes a strategy for Kudler and illustrates analyses of how innovation, design, and creativity support Kudler's organizational goals and objectives. This paper also identifies the internal and external drivers of innovation of Kudler Fine Foods.

Mission Statement and Vision Summary

Kathy Kudler, creator and owner, had a vision to offer customers the experience of shopping the world for fine foods in a one-stop convenience store. The store offers an extensive selection of quality-fresh ingredients and gourmet cooking tools at reasonable prices.

Kudler opened its first location in La Jolla, California in 1998, and in 2000 opened the Del Mar location. Kudler's latest store is located in Encinitas and opened in 2003 (Kudler Internet/Intranet Portal, n.d.).

The mission statement for Kudler is to "provide our customers the finest in selected foodstuffs, wines, and related needs in an unparalleled consumer environment. Our selections, coupled with our experienced, helpful, and knowledgeable staff, merge to offer each customer a delightful and pleasing shopping outing" (Our Mission, n.d., para. 2). Kudler provides these services by shopping the world for its products. Kudler's staff purchases only handpicked products, thus assuring Kudler is the premier supplier of gourmet delights (Our Mission, n.d.).

Within the next 12 months, Kudler's focus is to increase revenue and customer loyalty, reduce operating costs, and implement a sale system named the Frequent Shopper Program and cost reduction program (Strategic Objective,