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Kudler Fine Foods-Marketing

Brian R. Duncan

University of Phoenix


July 15, 2008



"The firms that gain loyal customers by providing unique value is the essence of successful marketing" (Kerin et al., Chapter 1, pg 14). Through a variety of sales and marketing strategies, Kudler Fine Foods plans to increase customer loyalty and profitability. The customer focused programs, frequent shopper program, direct mailing program, cost cutting initiatives and customer relationship management tactics are designed to achieve quality results (Kudler Fine Foods Portal, Sales and Marketing, pgs 1-2). Improving the customer's value chain while instilling loyalty is hoped to increase higher margins in product sales. This paper discusses elements important in the evaluation of the Kudler Fine Foods catering campaign, how to connect pro-active sales/marketing and ways successfully to implement plans of achieving formulated goals.

h) Marketing Research

Kudler Fine Foods conducted surveys in 2006 and 2007 which gave a good example of how having customer feedback can improve future outcomes.

"Although marketing research isn't perfect, it seeks to reduce risk and uncertainty to improve decisions made by marketing managers" (Kerin et al., Chapter 8, pg 4). As a reaction to the 2006 results, Mrs. Kudler must have made appropriate changes, because consumer response was considerably more positive in a very few valuable areas. Store atmosphere, product mix and the customer view of merchandise value improved in the 2007 survey. Customer service, however, did not receive favor again. This result should be top priority on management's agenda if strategic goals are to be met. Though the population sample in the surveys were not large, the feedback is valuable enough to raise concerns and implement change.

i) Marketing Mix for Catering Service

Mrs. Kudler also provides a catering service, which is...