Kudler Fine Foods Personal Shopper Service Launch

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Product Launch Plan at Kudler

Jennifer Bartschi, Ed Gyrges, Cindy Heron,

Johnny Jackson and Cynthia Lamp

University of Phoenix

March 15, 2010

Instructor - Erica Mitchell



Kudler Fine Foods Personal Shopper Service Launch

The company's marketing budget's new initiatives is designed to improve the customers' experience include rolling out new programs and services. Therefore, the company decided to research the feasibility of offering added service to customers. Further, growth strategy centers on increasing customer loyalty by offering an added value services. Consequently, a marketing plan was developed that offers personal shopper services as a new benefit to customers. Kudler Fine Foods (Kudler) has spent many weeks identifying and analyzing market needs, competition, and justification for its new service. Further, the company implemented direct marketing as the preferred marketing channel. Demand, cost functions, and competitors' pricing were used to establish the initial price strategy for the new service.

Moreover, Kudler identified, analyzed and found ways to reduce risk factors such as government, legal entities, economic factors, technology, and demographic concerns. Finally, this paper intends to launch the full plan for the personal shopper in both domestic and international markets. This plan will include the following marketing elements: product description, product positioning, targeting, market needs, market growth, SWOT analysis, competition, marketing strategy, pricing, communication, distribution strategy, and market research.

Product Description

A Personal Shopper is a person who assists others with their shopping by providing education, recommendation, advice, and delivery. Kudler will hand pick high quality employees to fill the personal shopper positions. Consequently, customers will receive friendly and high value concerning his or her shopping experience. Personal shoppers will be highly familiar with all products they will be selling in order...