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Kudler Fine Foods' Marketing Research

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Kudler Fine Foods' Marketing Research

The importance of marketing research and the influence it has on the Kudler Fine Foods' strategic marketing plan will be examined in this paper. Kudler Fine Foods' is a local upscale gourmet store founded by Kathy Kudler. It has experienced tremendous growth and is now researching marketing plans in order to increase customer loyalty, improving the efficiency of all its operations and expanding its current services and adding new services. Kudler Fine Foods' competitive intelligence will also be explored and shown its importance.

Marketing Research Importance

The importance of marketing research to Kudler Fine Foods' business and marketing strategies is immense. Kudler Fine Foods needs to have a firm position and a well-researched marketing plan in order to be successful.

A business can have an outstanding, innovative product but the product will not be beneficial to the company if the product is not marketed correctly. Marketing research can be the difference between barely selling any product with low or no profit and sending the profits through the roof. Kudler Fine Foods' research focuses on expanding its services by introducing parties in the store to exhibit gourmet meals with the proper tools. It also focuses on its frequent shopper program in order to gain its customer loyalty and to track the behaviors of its customers. Another element of Kudler Fine Foods' research is to focus on its internal processes to deliver a better value to Kudler Fine Foods' customers. Through the research, Kudler Fine Foods realized it needed to train its employees better and use up-to-date software. Research is vital to Kudler Fine Foods in order to find the target...