Lack of Parenting

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Lack of Parenting

Lack of parenting can be an enormous impact on a person's choices. Without a parent or guardian's guidance, they wouldn't really have a good role model to learn from. Kids wouldn't really know how to make good choices. They could be making unhealthy or even dangerous choices without guidance from parents and guardians. That includes drinking and taking drugs. Learning about life skills is very important for children at a young age. Eventually, children would grow older and then leave their parents as adults. When kids are adults, they would have to tackle plenty of responsibilities. Without learning the skills, they wouldn't be able to support themselves in the "real world". For example, managing budgets is very important and, without doing that, being broke would be a horrible condition. Even worse, kids would pick off the terrible habits/skills from their parents. Parents, you have a job and if your children are making bad choices, then your child could be the next villain!

And now, a reason that lack of parenting is a very big impact onto a child's future choices.

Not being a good parent could lead the child to making bad choices and joining gangs that cause violence. There are many ways how lack of parenting can lead the child to gang violence. First of all, by not educating the child, he or she could be naïve about serious issues including gang violence and might choose to be part of a gang. Peer pressure is also a threat and if not taught against, kids won't be able to resist peer pressure and that will lead them to gang violence. Also, lack of parenting would mean that the child would be under much less control than children whose parents that do guide their child. That means their...