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Leadership Challenge Digital Story

The leader described in the digital story displays characteristics of both an autocratic and a laissez-faire leader. The executive is known for having a "get-it-done" approach to leadership, but has made decisions on his own or amongst a small group of employees, which has created a top-down form of leadership. Previously, the organization had been run with a more familial approach where everyone was aware of and on board with the company's goals. Although the CEO's new vision statement has a democratic tone, it is failing to yield the desired results. Instead, the organization is currently experiencing confusion and stress. Employees are unclear about what their job descriptions are or whom they should report to within the managerial ladder.

The Art and Science of Leadership, describes autocratic leaders as those who make decisions alone and laissez-faire leaders as those who provide no direction and do not become involved with their followers or provide information, but little guidance and evaluation, which leads to frustrated and disorganized groups (Nahavandi, 2006, Chapter 2, para.

12). Both characteristics and results are present in the executive's actions.

In order for the CEO to engage and inspire employees to adopt his vision, he must demonstrate a more transformational and charismatic style of leadership. The executive appears to be leading from the shadows. He does not engage nor interact with the employees within the organization. The vision statement was posted throughout the organization. This is an extremely informal approach to dealing with employees. A conference or luncheon might have been a more influential way of introducing the organization to the new vision. "Transformational leaders reinforce values and refocus organizational priorities through effective dealings with people," (Tichy & Devanna, 1990, p. 242). In order for this leader to reach his employees, he is...