The Life and Works of William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare

As a poet, actor, and playwright, William Shakespeare proves to be one of the most influential figures that has helped shape society as well as the English language into what it has become today through his literary dominance that was spread throughout the early and later years of his life. His times and overall achievements show how he was, is, and always will be known well for his work around the world.

Since biographies were uncommon at this time, the childhood of William Shakespeare is not very well documented and, for the majority, a big question. Since not much can be found of his younger years, everything that is known for sure comes from records. To this date, no copy of William Shakespeare's birth certificate has been found. We do know that he was baptized on April 26, 1564; so it is almost positive he was born this year; April 23 to be more specific because the three day intervals between births and baptisms was common; this can never be known for sure though.

It is also commonly accepted that he attended King's New Grammar School in Stratford, England to receive a basic education of reading and writing. What can be proven is that Shakespeare became the third child born to his parents, John and Mary Shakespeare who had 8 children altogether. Together as a family, they lived in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, about 100 miles from London. John Shakespeare was a member of the city council as well as a tanner and leatherworker who made and sold items like gloves and purses, this might be where Shakespeare received his business acumen from, just within a different profession. Not much is known of Shakespeare's mother besides that she received a vast

majority of her father's wealth when...