Malnutrition Among Elderly People

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Malnutrition Among Elderly People

In almost all culture and in many continents, malnutrition is still one of the worldwide phenomenon's that demands attention. When a person thinks of the word "malnutrition", they often believe that malnutrition occurs only when a person is under nourished, usually a baby. However, according to the PCA Group, malnutrition can occur at all ages of life, and it can either be under two circumstances, under nourished or over nourished. It is a nutritional disorder that results from an insufficient, excessive diet, or from a biological disorder (Malnutrition Among the Elderly, 2009). The biological disorder of malnutrition can be either the impaired absorption or assimilation of the body's nutrients. Although malnutrition can occurs at any age, malnutrition that occurs in elderly (people who are over 65 years of age) cannot be ignored, for everyone in their life time will come across of old age. It is important to reflect malnutrition amongst elderly, because somewhere in the line of aging period, elderly people will eventually suffer malnutrition without realizing it.

The elderly population is increasing proportionately in the world and many older adults will be suffering from malnutrition very soon. The issue of malnutrition within elders have been hidden underneath the carpet long enough. It is time to unveil such an issue and make an attempt to correct the situation.

Statistically, the percent of elderly people becoming malnutrition is increasing by a large amount worldwide. According to the U.S Census Bureau, 1.4 million elderly people experienced food insecurity due to lack of resources recently. By the year of 2050, there will be an estimation of 6.6 million elderly people become malnourished in the nursing home (Null, Dean, Feldman, Rasio, Smith, 2009). From this figures, malnutrition among elderly people is unavoidable.

There are numerous factors that increase...