Management Abount Decision Making. As Managers and Entrepreneurs, We Should Have Confidence in our Decisions, But Can We? Discuss With Regard to Your Ability as a Decision Maker and the Tools and Methods Available to Assist Decision Making

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A decision is means that make choice of two or more alternatives (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & Coulter, 2006, p. 208). And it is the point at which a choice is made between alternative and usually competing- options (Fitzgerald, 2002, p. 8). Everyone would make any decision in their life time when they want to choose any ideas from alternatives, such as: to spend 3 dollars for coffee or 3.5 dollars for juice. Although it is very small things in everyone's lifetime, it shows that everyone will make decisions in our life by every time. At the same time, making decision is looks like to make choice from alternative, this view is too simply. Actually, it is involve too many process and conditions when making any decisions. Moreover, decisions making is very important in organization especially for manager when they do any decisions about business that will be effect the whole organization.

The top manager in the organization is making decision about the organization's goals, and the new product, new market and something else. The middle level manager would be making decisions about organizations operational. The low level manager is responsible for making decision about to solve problems with the employees when they got some problem at working time. And for the employees in organization, they also making decisions that will be affect their ability and performance (Robbins et al. 2006).

In 1989, Etzions said that: "good managers, like doctors, know how to make decisions based on sketchy information." It is tell us that decision making is essential skill that the managers need to have in organization in recently years. As manager and entrepreneurs, they should have confidence in their decisions, but before they do any decisions, they should to have the basic skill and knowledge ability to making any decisions.