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Management Planning: WorldCom

Amanie Torres

University of Phoenix

Management: Theory, Practice, Application

MGT 330

Yolanda Schulze

April 15, 2010



This paper will evaluate the planning function of management at WorldCom. This paper will also be analyzing the legal, ethical, and corporate social factors and responsibilities that the corporate officials had to their company and most important to the stakeholders. These factors constantly affect the planning process performed at each level of management. Prime examples of poor planning because of the ignoring of legal, social, and ethical issues were the executive's downfall at WorldCom. �

Management Planning: WorldCom

An organization that ignores to initiate and observe its plans can become disorganized and in the end lose controls of responsibilities throughout the corporation. Legal, ethical, and social issues are responsibilities of an organization that affect every shareholder and employee within a company.

These factors have an effect on the planning process executed by every level of management. A main example of poor planning because of the ignoring of legal, ethical, and social issues was because of the corporate officials employed at WorldCom. Management at WorldCom had poorly planned the financial incorporation of the additional companies that led to the bankruptcy of a successful corporation.

WorldCom began as one of the top telecommunication companies beginning in 1983, but as time passed WorldCom failed to plan the combination of economic features into a single organization. WorldCom went from Wall Street's prize jewel to Wall Street's failure with company's stock shares rising from pennies to well over $60 a share (Browning, 1997). The Fall of the company is extremely hard to know where the problem began, but a combination of all levels...