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Management Planning for Halliburton




Management Planning for Halliburton

Founded in 1919, Halliburton remains today among the largest providers to the petroleum industry worldwide, employing over 50,000 employees in 70 countries (Halliburton, 2007). Halliburton's primary focus is within the oil and gas industry. The Drilling and Evaluation Division of the company directs its resources into the areas of finding petroleum. Completion and Production, the other main division, focuses on making use of the petroleum once it's found. Estimated revenue for the two divisions in 2008 was $18 billion dollars. The company is large enough to require two separate bases for operation, each on opposite sides of the globe. Houston, Texas is home to the primary base while Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is home to the second (Halliburton, 2007).

Planning is a crucial function of management designed to help an organization achieve its maximum potential.

Planning formalizes the company's goals and objectives. Planning also establishes a base from which the rest of the organization functions. In failing to meet standards and expectations for planning by not having a comprehensive set of rules to follow, Halliburton failed to plan.

Trouble in Houston

Legal and ethical issues as well as the corporate social responsibilities of Halliburton have affected the planning function of management. In recent years Halliburton has received much negative publicity regarding the company's operations in Iraq. The United States Justice Department and the Pentagon have both investigated Halliburton for criminal misconduct revolving around contract dealings (Washington Post, 2004). Being the leading government services contractor, the company has been a focal point during the war for both legal and ethical issues.

Legal Issues

The two biggest legal issues which have plagued Halliburton in recent years have involved overcharging the government...