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Marketing Communications Essay

Executive Summary

Sombrero 33 is a family run Mexican restaurant, which is due to open on the 31st of August, 2009. They currently have no marketing communications plan and have asked myself, a family member to undertake the task of developing a new marketing communications plan. Our campaign shall run for 8 weeks from 31st August- 25th October, 2009. Our budget is £3,000, which means our target audience may only be influenced with communication channels we can afford. We will use an Integrated Marketing Communications plan in order that the message we send to our target audience is consistently delivered through various communication channels. In order to choose which segment of the population to target we researched the demographics of the area and decided to target students attending Glasgow University. In order to understand the buying process of students we looked at their lifestyle and the way they attended to information and communication channels they would be likely to use.

We looked at other food outlets in the area, which we would be competing with and who our main competitors would be. We then looked at the objectives and the results we wanted to achieve from our communications. Due to the limited budget we decided our objectives towards students would be to create 60% awareness, 40% interest, 25% positive feelings, 15% obtained trials and to develop and maintain 5% as regular users of Sombrero33. In order to meet our objectives we had to look at our marketing communications strategy and plan which will provide the direction for all those in the campaign to follow, this included allocation of time and resources. The advertising strategies we used incorporated posters, newspapers and radio. Sales promotions strategies were used and PR strategies included sponsoring a student organisation participating in...