Marketing Plan: Phase I

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Marketing Plan: Phase 1


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Marketing Plan: Phase 1

Ice cream is a famous frozen dessert that is usually made from milk and cream, which can be combined with different fruits and other ingredients to add flavor. But people now a day's are very health cautious. This is why at Breyers we are coming up with a new herbal and organic ice cream flavor. It is never been done and we will be the first in the Unites States of America. It is new, delicious, and healthy.

About Breyers

When America was recovering during the Civil War in the 1866, a man by the name of

William A. Breyer from Philadelphia made his first gallon of hand cranked ice cream. The ice

cream was made from rich cream, pure sugar, fruits, nuts and other natural flavors.

The ingredient that were used before are the same kind of ingredients that are used in today's ice

cream. Mr. Breyer would sell this ice cream to his neighbors and that is when he made a promise that his ice cream will always be made the old fashioned way. In 1918 the Breyers Ice Cream Company was producing millions of gallons of ice cream and shipping around the US. By 1926 Breyers had became a division of NDPC, an organization of well-known brands. In the late 1960s NDPC became Kraftco Corporation and then Breyers Ice cream became a favorite in the US. In the 1970s Breyers parent company became Kraft. And by 1993 a company by the name of Unilever bought Breyers from Kraft which is part of the Gold Bond-Good Humor Ice Cream Company in Green Bay and renaming the company Good Humor...