Marketing Research

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Marketing Research

Kudler Fines Foods has decided to expand the business; the company has experience tremendous growth over the past few years. The company is focused on improving the efficiency of operations and what would be the best strategy on increasing the consumer purchase cycle. The company will focus their attention on revenue increase and loyalty along with profitability for their consumers. In the event of making this Kudler Fines Foods a success the company will be offering gifts packages to potential consumers (Apollo Group, 2004). Kudler Fines Foods will be experiencing different marketing strategies for their upcoming development. The company will focus marketing in the areas of expansion of services and increased efficiency. The company has several ideals in the area of expanding to the customers. For example, Kudler will sponsor cooking parties to educate customers on how to prepare specialty dishes. This will help to draw the consumers to engage in training classes by well know chefs and celebrities including Kathy Kudler herself (Apollo Group, 2004).

Data obtained through the 2003 and 2004 customer survey reports, does not address the future needs of its customers instead the data is representative of past performance. Although the past performance measures are helpful, Kudler Foods did not appear to use this data in developing the marketing strategies for 2006. Kudler Food's objective for 2006 is to increase the loyalty of its consumers and profitability, in order to do so, it is important that Kudler Foods utilize the data already obtained before initiating new services. Simultaneously, Kudler Foods can gather necessary data related to the programs it plans to initiate. Focusing on the primary positioning, i.e. increased loyalty, and then initiating new programs over time will increase the chances of successful implementation and growth (Kudler Fine Foods, 2005). (Kudler) is an example...