Medieval Sweden and The Virgin Spring

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Medieval Sweden and The Virgin Spring

The Virgin Spring takes place in Sweden during the medieval times. The movie focuses on the family of property-owner Tore and his wife Mareta. Their teenage daughter Karin was not only too spoiled for her own good, but was also, a beautiful, pure, and virginal young girl. Sadly, she is eventually raped and murdered. In the house also lives a pregnant servant girl named Ingeri was is constantly being scored by the family. It is clear and easy to understand Ingeri's resentment toward her foster sister Karin. The film contains a variety of themes including religion, vengeance, justice, morality, Norse mythology, and violence.

Cultural influences that affected Medieval Europe and Sweden included Rome, the Church, and Germanic barbarians. Rome left behind a cultural footprint for the medieval era; Roman culture included art, science, philosophy, and literature. In addition, the country was known for developing a civilization on its own and is remembered for its law and public administration, as well as fine architecture and the building of new roads.

The Church provided an ethical element to the medieval society by focusing on moral responsibilities that were missing in people's everyday lives. Lastly, the German invaders introduced, taught, and repeated the ideas of individuality and personal freedom which flourished throughout medieval Sweden.

Christianity was the main religion throughout Europe and most of the general working population. During the time of Medieval Sweden, the church was the center of everyone's life. All people, including village peasants and towns people, believed in the existence of a heaven, hell, and a God. The church had total control over the people; peasants worked for free on church property. Although the peasants dedicated time to working on the Church land for free, it...