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MiamiSchool District Paper



MiamiSchool District

The purpose of this paper is to help understand negotiation strategy that can be used to assist the MiamiSchool District. It will also deal with understanding economical and cultural differences that rezoning can cause. The school district has made the decision to redraw the school attendance boundaries. This decision is based upon a higher number of applications for enrollment. This decision while a positive for the school system could pose unclaimed issues for parents. Another issue may be in effect on the students and their ability to deal with a new school. Many parents have banded together to oppose the rezoning of the school district. They are basing this on quality of education at new schools, increased travel for children and issues with socioeconomic differences.


Many parents are unhappy with the school districts plans for re-zoning the schools. Most opponents feel that re-zoning will decrease the education their child receives. One key issue is the lack of knowledge concerning the faculty of the new school. Another reason is that busing students to schools increases travel time to areas away from their home. It is possible that traveling far away from home can cause a hardship on the student as well as the parent. Lastly, some parents in more affluent areas will choose to register their children in private schools rather than have the mix with lower economic status students. Parents also feared that these lower income students would impact their child's ability to learn and feared for their safety. This situation falls into the realm of children dealing with diversity and interaction with others. There is no way to...