Morgan, Gareth (2006). Images of Organizations. Unfolding Logics of Change 241-290

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President Obama campaign slogan was all about change resulting in mixed feelings from both opposing parties as well as his own party; however at the long run his slogan "change we can believe in" won him the election. Change is a big issue and as a result logic is needed whenever change is in the process of enactment. Subsequently, in relations to organization different forms of logic need to be implemented whenever an organization undergoes change due to the uncertainty that arise as a result of change.

Basic science teaches us that matter is never created nor destroyed, yet out of the same matter new things are produced or evolve. The Chilean scientists Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela share this idea because they are of the opinion that "organizations are closed systems because of the principal features of autonomy, circularity and self-reference making it possible for them to self- create and self- renew".

Morgan explored four logic processes of change. The first is the theory of autopoiesis which puts the relationship between systems and its environment, for example a plastic can be recycled to a numerous items, and the company recycling decides what product will be made from the plastic according to the demand from the environment. A plastic cup that is melted and recycled into plastic cutlery no longer serves its purpose as a cup for drinking water rather it's now a cutlery for eating, the purpose of the plastic changed from drinking to eating although the material remains plastic. So also organization undergoing change doesn't necessary change but its activities are what changes emerging spontaneously from self. This form of change is complex in its own and Morgan described it as being chaotic and complex, just as how complex it is for an outsider who wonders how a...