Mostly Crimes are Committed Under the Influence of Alcohol

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Most Teenagers commit crimes WHILE under the influence of alcohol

Ahmed Javaid

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Most teenagers commit crimes while under the influence of alcohol


Alcohol, crime, teenagers


I am interested in researching about teenagers and their reaction towards alcohol. As we all know that teenage drinking itself is a crime, there might be a lot of other crimes committed by teenage alcoholics that we will get to know in this study. Furthermore I want to research that how does it relates to a person who commits crime and what percentage of teenagers who have committed crime were influenced by alcohol.

Reviewing the Literature

An overview of Dingwall's (2006) study tells us that alcohol is massively associated with crime. British Medical Association verified that alcohol use is related with 60-70 % of murders, 70 per cent of stabbings and 50 per cent of fights or assaults in the home.

Even for some of the non-violent crimes there is a massive association as well. 83 per cent for violation of the peace, 88 per cent of those arrested for damage, and 26 per cent for burglary, 41 per cent for theft had drunk in four hours before they got arrested. In addition to that speaking about the general public, an intense concern can be noticed about intoxication of teenage kids and their behavior in public.

According to Szalavitz M. (2005) a study was conducted by the Pacific Institute on Research and Evaluation (PIRE). It tells us that teenagers who drink under the age of 21 are related to 3500 death per year. Out of which almost 1600 deaths were direct killings, 1400 of them were caused by drunk driving and 260 cases were those of...