Motivation Concepts and Analysis

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Motivation Concepts and Analysis

I have worked with Auburn University for ten years in different secretarial capacity. I started as a typist doing basic word processing and receptionist work. I learned all that I could in my line of work and assisted others with their duties. I learned key factors about other jobs by helping my co-workers. I was setting a goal for obtaining a promotion within the unit I was employed. I was striving to meet all the qualifications involved for the promotion required for the next clerical position in my department. According to Darwin's theory animal behavior is largely unlearned, automated, and mechanistic (Darwin, 1859, 1872). With or without any type of experience, animal adapt to their environments. This is not true, my work environment was not one to easy adapt to. I earned the qualified background necessary to adhere to the clerical positions that were offered to me.

I obtained experience from studying and training in my business education major. I attended a technical college for two years to prepare me for the secretarial position I was employed in.

Charles Darwin theory, indicates that instincts were in the genes and they exist as an inherit tendency to act in a certain way. If instincts are given an appropriate stimulus it will be expressed through bodily reflexes for example, the bird builds a nest and the dog hunts. This is because each is genetically endowed to biologically do so. I disagree with Mr. Darwin theory. In my work environment I supervise student workers. I am responsible for setting up job specifications, payroll and training these students. These students come from different backgrounds and each student is trained individually. These students are all familiar with offices, computers, and telephones. The majority...