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Running Head: NOKIA





We exist and work in an era of growing worldwide competition, new technologies, variable demographics, and altering social values. A vital reaction to these types of forces has been the materialization of a new type of organization, the high performance organization (HPO). HPOs are speedy, sprightly, and market-driven. They emphasize respect for people, as evidenced by the involvement of workers and managers at all levels and consistent use of teams like those at Nokia. Increasingly, future careers will unfold in high performance work settings. (Schermerhorn, 2001).

Nokia is at present the main mobile phone producer in the globe. With sales of twenty seven billion dollar in 2000, it has approximately double the market share of its nearby rival, Motorola. A universal leader in mobile communications, Nokia has recognized itself as the most important and favourite brand in many markets where it is currently in Asia Pacific.

Support by its experience, modernism, user-friendliness and a protected solution, Nokia is the world's most important provider of mobile phones, set, mobile and IP networks.


As Nokia expanded its presence across the globe, however, it became increasingly important for them to establish Nokia's name and reputation as a superior cellular phone manufacturer. Nokia's ideal global strategy was to create a phone that could be used by anyone anywhere in the world, and to that end, they needed the consumer to consistently recognize their brand in every possible country.

Nokia have designed hundreds of different model mobiles to cater the markets desires as a mobile phone. Mobile phones were first designed to call from one person to another without the hassle of having a landline, from that day onwards, Nokia have innovated and upgraded their handsets to include other features...