Nonprofit Agency Management

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Nonprofit Agency Management

Reginald Griffin

BSHS/412 - Field Experience WK3 Paper

May 23, 2010

Bill Shecket

University Of Phoenix


Nonprofit Agency Management

Nonprofit organizations (NPO) are a crucial part of society and Horn Africa Services (HOAS) is finding themselves in a rapidly changing and very competitive environment whereas the old management standards of control, power, and stability do not hold now. Therefore, HOAS is forced to learn constantly and adapt to the changing nonprofit environment if they are to survive and support the community. With pressure from the (state or local) government, the media, and community leaders; the governing boards of nonprofit organizations are redefining their roles and responsibilities. According to Edward A. Kazemek and Barry S. Bader, many boards "do not need a transparency strategy to provide information on mission effectiveness and stewardship to their organization's stakeholders" (2009, p.36). The authors go on to state that "many boards treat self evaluation as a routine exercise, not as a priority to ensure governance effectiveness of their organization" (Kazemek & Bader, 2009, p.31).

This paper will describe my observations of Horn of Africa Services (Board-Only) management style, which closely resembles a horizontal structure created around workflows or core processes rather than departmental functions thus creating open communication, flexibility, and less bureaucracy. Self directed individuals and teams are fundamental toward the horizontal structure and additionally staff sometimes takes on many roles to ensure organizational success.

For the last 15 years HOAS has maintained a belief of planning for the future by anticipate the changing needs of the East African refugee and immigrant population residing in and around King County. HOAS survives exclusively to provide services of self benefit by providing ESL and citizenship classes, counseling, case management, youth and family services, workshops, advocacy,