For an organisation that you know well, using the relevant concepts, theories and models, describe and analyse its organisational culture and discuss, using the examples from this organisation, whether organisational culture can be managed.

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Organizational behaviour is a study of people at work in terms of the behaviour and attitudes they exhibit. More and more managers are confronting with the challenges for improving organizational productivity. Organizations have a personality which is reflected in the productivity and the wellbeing of its employees; the same as a person's personality and its development which is affected by his values, perceptions, attitudes and the surrounding environment.

The aim of this essay is to understand how a variety of theories and models of organizational behaviour in general and culture in particular help us understand the importance of various factors that shape the behaviour and attitudes of people, which in turn influences the productivity and goals of the organization. After a quick description of the banking organization that I work for, this essay begins with understanding of why organizations are different through examining the concept of organizational structure which has a direct impact on the culture that prevails in it.

A brief review of The Classical Theory, The Open Systems Approach, The Socio Technical systems and The Contingency Theory is undertaken to identify the structural features of my organization. This analysis provides a background for understanding the type of culture that emanates from different structures.

Some forces like human resource development, top management or leadership and socialization or the adaptation process of an employee play a particularly important role in creating and sustaining the culture of an organization. The relative effect of these is discussed briefly to identify the factors that weaken or strengthen the organizational culture. Finally, as a globalized turbulent environment requires organizations to continuously introduce and manage change, the essay deals with the concept of organizational development to assess the extent to which my organization is applying effective techniques and interventions. Followed by summarizing what...