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Globalization and Americanization: two different ideas

Globalization broadly refers to the explosion of global linkages, the organization of social life on a global scale, and the growth of global consciousness, hence the union of world markets. On the other hand "Americanization is to have a permanent background of American images and sounds" (Watson par.4). Therefore globalization and Americanization are too different ideas that do not mean the same thing.

Critics like Dezalay believe that globalization is in fact Europeanization or Americanization, and that it threatens to overwhelm or completely bury the cultural norms and values of other countries. Although American brands such as Mc Donald's, Coca-Cola Nike can be seen in every country, critics say these countries are Americanized because they disregard their culture and accept these foreign brands leading to cultural imperialism which they term as " Coca-colonization, wal martization, mcdonaldization, disneyfication" of these countries (Watson, Par 3).

It is more realistic to say that globalization promoted the spreading of diverse cultures and these American companies are only competitors in a free market. The acceptance of these American brands is done freely on the foreigners and it's not forced upon them like in colonial days. Therefore it is only logical to say that globalization will only lead to "acculturation", the process by which a culture adopts another culture traits. Globalization is about worldwide economic activity, open markets, competition and the free flow of goods and services.

For example we watch "Nollywood" movies from Nigeria and learn about the West African culture, we eat pizza that originated in Italy, we follow fashion trends set in France, we listen to music sung by American, Canadian, and Australian, we use computers made in Japan, and we eat chocolate made in Switzerland.

Chuang, in Communication and Global...