Organizational Impact Paper

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RUNNING HEAD: Organizational Impact Paper

Organizational Impact Paper


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Many companies can start with an idea. The idea can spark by recognizing a problem in which a solution is thought of afterwards. A company can gather an idea from addressing the problems and creatively innovating ways to address these problems. The following three companies have experienced extreme growth through creativity and innovation.

General Motors founder their company in 1908. They started the business with the Buick Motor Company but in a matter of years, they acquired 20 more companies including Cadillac, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile. With the move into the digital age, GM had to acquire a strategy to remain strong in the competitive market. Environment became important topics to address during the 21st century. General Motors created a strategy of Innovating vehicles that can be more fuel-efficient gasoline engines as well as hybrids and also biofuels.

They have innovated diesel hybrid vehicles that can achieve 80 miles per gallon. They also created Hy-wire vehicles that have a flexible electricity drive system that allows them to run on electricity. In 1982 General Motors expanded outside of North America and opened in Spain. With India and China, along with Saab and Hummer, General Motors strengthened the vehicles and the variety worldwide. General Motors is continuing to thrive on ways to be eco friendly and expand on ways for vehicles to run on alternative fuels. With the recent E-Flex and fuel cells General Motors was able to enable multiple propulsion systems in common electrically driven chassis. General Motors will still focus on the commercialization of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

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Sony founded the company in 1946 by two men who had a talent for product innovation and...